Ap Psychology Essay Schizophrenia

Ap Psychology Essay Schizophrenia-35
With each new generation, the rate of depression is ____ and the disorder is striking _____.In North America today, young adults are ___ times more likely than their grandparents to suffer depression.Some antidepressants drugs dampen fear-circuit activity in the ____, thus reducing this behavior.

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People who have a sensitive ____ are more vulnerable to this disorder.

Research with identical twins indicates that ____ may also play a role.

Eccentric behaviors, such as emotionless disengagement, are characteristic of the ____ personality disorder.

The third cluster exhibits dramatic or ____ behaviors, such as the ____ or ____ personality concept that diseases have physical causes that can be diagnosed, treated, and in most cases, cured.

Schizophrenia is a cluster of disorders, including 5 subtypes: preoccupation with delusions or hallucinations, or ____; disordered speech or behavior, or _____; immobility, or ____; many and varied symptoms, or ____; and withdrawal, or _____.

The brain tissue of schizophrenia patients has been found to have an excess of receptors for the neurotransmitter _____.

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New textbooks and study guides will be given the first week.

This manual ____ explain the cause of a disorder; rather, it ____ the disorder.

Generalized anxiety disorder can lead to physical problems, such as ____ and ____.


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