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Write Legibly It doesn’t matter how how eloquent or effective your essay is if the grader can’t read it.

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When answering these questions, make sure you complete the appropriate task for each bullet point, and not any of the other tasks.

The types of tasks that the AP Psychology exam requires are relatively few in number. Generally speaking, regardless of the task, simply identifying or defining a term will be insufficient; you’ll need to apply that theory or concept to the specific situation in the prompt.

This is unlikely to have any impact on your AP Psychology free response score, so feel free to reiterate what you said in your introduction.

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This is always followed by instructions on a distinct task or tasks that you need to complete, along with one or more sets of bullet points that specify subtasks.

These subtasks are always the same: you complete the task with respect to a specific psychological term.I've written this AP Psychology study guide as a way to make the process of studying for the AP test and other in-class assessments a little less overwhelming.It will help you figure out how to structure your studying, give you strategies to better understand the material, and provide links to notes and practice resources.Keep up with your daily assignments, since it’s easy to fall behind in such a fast-paced class. Neat notes will help you study for unit tests, and they’ll prove invaluable when it’s time to study for the AP exam.AP courses cover a lot of complex information, and it's not always easy to find great study materials and strategies.In other words, the bullet points will list exactly what you need to write about, while the task(s) will tell you just how to talk about those ideas.To get all the points possible for a free-response question on the AP Psychology exam, you must complete all the specified tasks and subtasks.If you follow the advice in this guide, you'll be on your way to a high score!This guide will help you study for the AP Psychology exam and other assessments in your class by providing study strategies and other resources that pertain to the material covered in the course.Free-response questions on the AP Psychology exam require you to write essays but, like the multiple-choice questions, they are relatively explicit about what you need to do to get the points.Prompts begin with a paragraph that describes the context for the question, perhaps providing the details of an experiment or describing the situation of an individual facing some life challenge.


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