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As you can see, only 10.3 percent of people earned a five in the year 2015, while 26.1 percent of the AP Euro test takers received a score of 1 on the exam for the same year.The mean score for all the years mentioned above comes to 2.78. Even though it may not be considered the most difficult AP exam out there, you’re still going to have to stay on top of your studies for this one.None of this indicates that the AP Euro exam is an impossible feat. Even if you’re not the kind of European history buff who owns the name of every single English monarch by name and in successive order, you can still use AP European History study guides to your advantage and score a 5 when it comes to test day Before we go full-blown into the nitty-gritty details of the AP Euro exam itself, we wanted to let you in on the difficult nature of the AP Euro course and exam.

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This new structure went into effect beginning Fall 2017.

The exam grade is weighted evenly between the multiple-choice and free-response sections.

Since this was a situation that Europe had never experienced, they didn't understand it. Other problems facing Europe during this time include, population decline, plague, economic warfare, and famine.

As a result of all these problems, social tension was greatly increased, all"Thus, argued Roberts, the modern art of war made possible — and necessary — the creation of the modern state.” 4.

In some regions, there were more men convicted of witchcraft than women, in the Lorraine region of France for example, and in Iceland, where the overwhelming majority of convictions were of men.

Overall though, about 75% of those executed for witchcraft were women.

” It’s perfectly natural for you to want to seek an answer to a question like this and we guarantee that you’re not the only one.

Despite how regularly AP students ask this question, it can be rather difficult to find someone that will answer the question honestly. It also doesn’t mean that the whole AP Euro review process is not a worthwhile one.

But don’t worry too much; you will not be responsible for European history in its entirety.

Since college-level courses rarely expect you take all of European history in a single semester, neither does the College Board.


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