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Due Date - This is the date that the assignment is due.Your instructor can also allow access to the assignment after the due date.You then have the option to continue or to exit out of question assistance.

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The percentage listed is the percentage of your score that you receive if you answer the question correctly and you access that form of question assistance.

The deductions are applied as follows: the first time you access question assistance, your score is 100% minus the percent allocated as the point potential policy for that question assistance.

When your instructor enables the practice option for an assignment, you can rework any of its items for practice when ALL of these conditions are met: How to tell when Practice is available Select a completed assignment from the Course Home.

When assignment items are ready for you to practice, the button appears to the right of items listed on the assignment summary page.

For example, if the question is worth one point, and you access Hints which is set to 95% of your total score for that question, your grade is .95, if you answer the question correctly and do not use other forms of question assistance.

If you access another form of question assistance which is set to 90%, the percent allocated is deducted from the .95, etc. The equation is: Max point potential = (point potential for assistance 1) X (point potential for assistance 2) Plugging in the example above to the equation, we get: 1 = .95 X .90 = 0.855 which is rounded to 0.86 The score deduction only occurs once for each form of question assistance per question.

After reading the assignment settings and policies, navigate to the first question by pressing next or selecting a question from the navigation bar on the left. Use any remaining question attempts to retry any incorrect answers.

Your highest score in any of the attempts is recorded as your grade.

Additionally, in some disciplines instructors have the option to set the question tolerance for answers (the answer can be /- x%).

You may also be required to use a specific number of significant digits in expressing your answer.


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