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There are many choices statistical for post hoc procedures to choose from.

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Data were acquired from the Programme for International Student Assessment from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The total sample included 150 cases randomly selected from 240 schools in Massachusetts and 150 schools in Germany.

The t-test is very handy when you have two groups to statistically compare. Analysis of Variance or ANOVA is the statistical technique that is analogous to the t-test.

The ANOVA is an inferential statistic, a parametric statistic and is very powerful.

The descriptive statistics may be presented numerically, graphically, or both.

The results of the analysis of variance should be discussed with reference to a graph of the group means. Describe the relevant outcomes and back up any claims with the results of statistical tests.

* Fisher ‘s LSD statistical test * Duncan’s new multiple range statistical test * Newman-Keuls statistical test * Tukey’s HSD statistical test * Scheffe´ statistical test Other ANOVA Statistical Procedures to Choose From Repeated Measures ANOVA -There are occasions when we need to measure something on a recurrent basis.

You measure the dependent variable more than once; you repeatedly measure it.

So I decided to develop a series of tutorial videos to help you run your analysis. A One-Way ANOVA (Analysis of Variance) is a test that allows us to identify differences between THREE OR MORE groups of means, when you have only ONE independent variable.

This is what the “One-Way” stands for: The number of independent variables involved.


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