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This leads to many situations that occurred in his life especially.The story, "Angela's Ashes" is Frank describing many aspects of his life and what occurs.

Frank faces many hardships because it is so hard for his father to keep a job, and his mother is so depressed after loosing 3 children.

His father also was an extreme alcoholic and drank away most the money he earned to support his family, and when WWII came Malachy (father) left to go find work in England, and left frank with his mother (Angela) and his two little brothers Malachy Jr.

Frank who is the writer and narrator does write this in the present tense from the time of being a young boy to the time of being an adult.

Mc Court is known to be lively, the streetwise type of person, and very thoughtful and sensitive.

It started off talking about how his parents met in Brooklyn, New York.

Angela, his mother becomes pregnant with Frank, and after marries Malachy.

At the time in which he lived ultimately the virtues of most families was that of the church.

So through out the book there was always mention of the Catholic Church and the wrath or good standing of god.

For example on chapter eight when a few boys paid a shilling to see Frank's friend Quasimodo's sisters naked, and got caught for it; his friends parents made him promise that he didn't see his own sister naked because that was a very bad sin.

A small example of an internal conflict with this is when Frank had to deliver Protestant newspapers to make a living for his family.


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