Analytical Essay On Canterbury Tales

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She claims to have great experience in the ways of the heart, havin...

An Analysis of Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales": The Wife of Bath's Tale In reading Geoffrey Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales," I found that of the Wife of Bath, including her prologue, to be the most thought-provoking.

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The stories range from ones that empower the wives, like the Wife of Bath's Tale, and at the other spectrum, the Scholar's tale, where the wife endures patiently and happily sadistic griefs that her husband tests her with, such as pretending to kill their children and pretending to divorce her.

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As was mentioned above, the Prioress considers cold-blooded murder of an innocent, or more generally, any attack on Christianity, a sin that must be punished.

The Friar gives a litany of stories where great rulers were destroyed because of their greed, arrogance, or ignorance.

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