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You won’t be able to analyze every character, but pick out several important ones to consider. As the story progresses, his faults and imperfections appear.First, describe the character for yourself; next, consider why the character was portrayed in that way. Rowling creates Dumbledore as a force to protect and guide Harry. Dumbledore is the classic “teacher wizard” figure, in that he is all wise and has magical powers that others do not.

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The following are some guiding questions: What are the character’s main personality traits? People have an instinctive trust in this type of character; he voices many of Rowling’s most important themes. Dumbledore’s morality is based on compassion, understanding, and respect for all.

If the respected, powerful teacher says something, Rowling’s readers, and Harry, will be more likely to believe it. Readers find out that Dumbledore was not born wise and all knowing, but was ambitious and egotistical when he was young. This illustrates Rowling’s theme that a normal, flawed person, with courage and love, can save the world. To Cornelius Fudge, Dumbledore is a threat because of his power and influence.

Knowing Tolkien fought in the Battle of Somme during World War I and that his closest friends were killed helps explain his sentiments about war.

Other questions about context can stem from the story itself.

Consider the narrator’s personality and their role in the story.

In , for example, you find out that the entire book was an essay for one of Ponyboy’s teachers, which makes the story seem more honest and real.Look for these in a story to identify key points and their contribution to the author’s overall meaning. The author makes the allusion with the intention that the well-known object will create an association with the new object in the reader’s mind.For example, the title of William Faulkner’s novel , Juliet tells her nurse to find Romeo’s name: “Go ask his name.Faulkner’s characters are people who can’t move on, and through them he suggests that the South similarly can’t get past the Civil War and the wrongs of slavery.Story lines usually follow patterns like those in the example below.This can give insight into the author’s perspective and bias, as well as tell the reader what he might be commenting on.For example, Tolkien’s is about a group of friends who embark on an epic journey and fight a great war.Literary analysis looks critically at a work of fiction in order to understand how the parts contribute to the whole.When analyzing a novel or short story, you’ll need to consider elements such as the context, setting, characters, plot, literary devices, and themes.Themes are big ideas that authors comment on throughout a work using tools such as context, setting, and characters. evil, human nature, religion, social structure, authority, coming-of-age, human rights, feminism, racism, war, education, sex, friendship, love, compassion, and death.Most books deal with multiple themes, some more obvious than others. You have to dig a little deeper to identify the author’s statement or attitude about that topic. Specific Theme Other Arthurian writers associate King Arthur’s greatness with military glory and valorous deeds.


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