An Invention That Changed The World Essay

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Every decade, or perhaps every year, brings with it some epic geniuses and their ground-breaking inventions in various fields.But then there are those inventions that, once invented, they consume us, alter the way the human species live and make the world smarter, better and sometimes even more fun.

Technological advancements such as computers have been designed and created with the only purpose to help humans and make their lives easier.

Computers have become indispensable in any workplace where they are basically considered a compliment for people to help them on developing their activities.

Its initial use was to provide a network of communication within research labs and universities within United States and expanded overtime.

This invention (along with the World Wide Web) has been the foremost revolutionary invention of the 20th century.

It has helped high performance military aircrafts to fly, put a spaceship into orbit, control medical equipment, create visual imagery, store vast amounts of information and allowed the functioning of car, phones and power plants.

Inventor: Vinton Cerf The internet was first developed in 1973 by Vinton Cerf backed by the US Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA).

The idea was taken forward by many others to create a workable and bright light bulb that revolutionized indoor living.

Inventor: Alexander Fleming Accidently discovered in a bacteria infested Petri dish by Nobel Prize winner, Alexander Fleming in 1928, Penicillin drug is a group of antibiotics that cures several infections in human beings without harming them.

Inventor: Unknown The idea of a symmetrical component moving in circular motion on an axis has existed in ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt and Europe separately in different time periods.

Thus, it cannot be ascertained by whom and where the wheel emerged first, but this great invention appeared in 3500 BC and has grown to become one of mankind’s most important inventions ever.


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