An Inconvenient Truth Analysis Essay

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The combination of rhetoric and imagery is magnetic up to this point in the documentary, and it remains either as magnetic, or increases in its magnetic hold on the viewer. Gore is showing this audience the picture; to invest them in the modern environmental movement. Gore shows the audience a photograph of the full picture of the blue planet, Earth, taken from the moon.

"Within 18 months of this picture, the modern environmental movement had begun," Mr. December 11, 1972, the most commonly published photograph of the earth in all of history. Gore shows the audience a time lapsed photograph taken from the American exploration satellite Galileo and it shows a 24-hour period of the earth's rotation. Iconic images which are used in combination with rhetoric are a powerful tool.

For that reason, because their favorite "star" has endorsed the product or candidate or idea, these people will go along and incorporate those individuals or ideologies into their own ideas and support them with votes or with charitable donations, or renting or purchasing a DVD.

This essay will explore the rhetoric and the facts on global warming not in order to sway a mind in one direction or another, but to understand and the shed light on the ways in which political candidates and others target human emotions in order to take aim with arrows of rhetoric in order to reel in that support for a political cause.

Gore's gentle way of putting us in the frame of mind to accept our responsibility for having forgotten about nature; because in having done so, we have put nature, and ourselves, in fact, our planet, at risk.

That we are responsible is something that is rhetorically important to establish early on in the film and the reason why will be explored as it is revealed towards the end of the film.

As that image of earth is shown to a large auditorium that is filled to capacity with young Americans, all of whom are shown as listening intently to Mr.

Gore's remarks because he is sharing with them information that, more than anyone else right now, impacts their lives as they will be the gatekeepers to successful environmental change in the world.

The earth problems created by the generations before them are now theirs to deal with.

It is, therefore, important invest them in the not just the concept of history, but in the notion of their inherited historical legacy.


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