An Essay On The Beauty Of Quiet Places

An Essay On The Beauty Of Quiet Places-16
What caught my father’s attention however was the fact that he could pay for the house through a mortgage.

What caught my father’s attention however was the fact that he could pay for the house through a mortgage.

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I could not even sleep peacefully with all the honking and noises outside. I learnt the value of having a home and how much my home meant to me.

Our neighborhood has really changed, since we first set foot here. Schools have been built, we have a college around the corner, there is a mall, coffee shops- in short, we have everything here and we do not need to run to the city to get anything.

There are also neighborhood watches, where groups of our courageous men take turns to watch over the community, especially if there was an incident that threatened our security. The driveway is well tarmacked and each household contributes towards its maintenance.

Houses are evenly spaced and are arranged in a straight line.

But, these incidences do not go unnoticed and the next day the neighbors may seek to know if everything was fine.

Many people may see this as prying into other people’s business, but to us it’s a gesture of concern. The evenings are well lit with street lights and security lights from houses. Cars are usually parked in the driveways, without any worries.

The days were peaceful, the surrounding was serene and the people were friendly.

When we moved in, they all came to welcome us as a gesture of goodwill.

During the day, the place is buzzing with activities: men in suits going to work, women taking their kids to school or walking their pets or going for morning jogs and teenagers in groups strolling to their respective institutions to study.

The activities are not much different from the city.


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