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Still the book has had to deal with subjects that, at first sight, may seem to be widely divergent.A book concerned with psychological, ontological, epistemological questions and containing chapters on Myth and Religion, Language and Art, on Science and History, is open to the objection that it is a mixtum compositum of the most disparate and heterogeneous things.What the reader will find is not at all a complete bibliography-even the titles of such a bibliography would have far exceeded the space that has been allowed me.

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An Essay on Man is a poem written by Alexander Pope in 1733–1734.

It is a rationalistic effort to use philosophy in order to, as John Milton attempted, justify the ways of God to man.

As for the reader, it would have taxed his attention to the utmost to read a three-volume study dealing with a difficult and ab- stract subject, But even from the point of view of the author it was scarcely possible or advisable to publish a work planned and written more than twenty-five years ago.

Since that time the author has continued his study on the subject, He has learned many new facts and he has been confronted with new problems, Even the old problems are seen by him from a different angle and appear in a new light.

I should hardly have overcome this obstacle without the help of my friend James Pettegrove, of New Jscsey State Teachers College.

He has revised the whole manuscript and given me his kind advice on all linguistic and stylistic questions.

1 The Crisis in Man’s Knowledge of Himself 15 2 A Clue to the Nature of Man: the Symbol 41 3 From Animal Reactions to Human Responses 44 4 The Human World of Space and Time 62 5 Facts and Ideals 79 PART II MAN AND CULTURE 6 Tire Definition of Man in Terms of Human Culture 87 7 Myth and Religion 97 8 Language 142 9 Art 176 10 History 217 1 1 Science 261 12 Summary and Conclusion 278 Index 287 Preface The first impulse for the writing of this book came from my English and American friends who lcpeatcdly and urgently asked me to publish an English translation of my Philosophy of Symbolic Forms.

1 Although I should have liked very much to comply with their request, after the first tentative steps I found it impracticable and, under the present circumstances, unjustifiable to reproduce the former book in its entirety.

By 1904, he had completed the first two volumes of his monumental four-volume history of epistemology, The Problem of Knowledge, the final volume of which was in the process of translation at the time of his death.

His first great systematic work, Substance and Function, was published in 1910.


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