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While characteristics such as strong values, talent, ambition, intellect, discipline, persistence, and luck contribute to business and career success, passion can often make the biggest difference of all.Before defining passion and explaining it's significance, we must first explore the true meaning of success.Pride and confidence are conducive to a positive outlook which is conducive to problem-solving and overcoming difficulty, something that is sure to arise in the process of starting a business or career advancement.

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This should be the focus of an individual's efforts. According to Gallup, 85% of employees are actively disengaged from their jobs [1].

The need for healthcare and a steady income are reasons that many Americans feel compelled to stay where they are.

But even Buffett knows there is more to success than money.

In Parade's article, "10 Ways To Get Rich: Warren Buffett's Secret That Can Work For You," Buffet concludes his list of advice with, "Know what success really means." He explains the importance of finding what it is that brings true meaning and what makes each day important.

All the work experience that I had did not get me what I wanted at my company because of politics and other reasons. Education and experience are what most companies are seeking for anyone they hire.

Whether an individual is considering starting a small business or simply what career path to choose, it is important that the individual follows their passion.In David Kirkpatrick's book, "The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of The Company That is Connecting The World," Kirkpatrick lists what he believes are Zuckerberg's characteristics that led to his success.One of these characteristics is following his passion - not money.I did not have the same opportunity so I feel that it is very important for me to provide them with the education they need.Most jobs require a degree in order to move up in the company.I believe it is about the lifestyle I chose to live which is influenced by the society we live in. I want to provide them with what I did not have growing up.I want to make sure that they have nothing to worry about except to finish school and get a good job.I started working due to necessity, but I think along the way luxury became my necessity.I feel that no matter how much I make, it was not enough because there is always something else I need to have.Zuckerberg suggests "following your happiness" using the logic that even if you do not end up making a fortune, you will at least be doing what you love.Warren Buffett, known as "the Oracle of Omaha" and probably one of the greatest investors of all time, reveals his secrets to successful investing.


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