An Essay About My Personality

Personality Reflection PSY/250 Personality Reflection In this Personality Reflection, I will define personality and define personal features of my own personality structures.

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I have never taken a personality test before and I would like to try it to see what the test will show about my personality.

Furthermore, I consider patience as my other main personality trait.

I often strive to have a positive outlook regarding various situations in life.

In other words, I have a worldview or mental attitude that interprets events and circumstances as being positive and the best (Matthews, Deary and Whiteman, 2003).

At home I go with the flow making sure my family is happy as it is my responsibility to care and concern for them.

My professional work life is more structure as there are rules, regulations, and chain in command I have to follow.I do set my limits now that I am a parent, because I have to set boundaries for myself, as I have to think of my family priorities first.My responsibility to my family comes first in life, but I always find time for myself in between.The overall objective is to minimize one’s personality weaknesses so that the strengths could be maximized in their full potential for personal and professional growth and development. My Personality Traits Jose Vergara School: Management Resource Institute Mary Ruiz ENC 1101 My Personality Traits Like other human beings, I have personality traits that define my emotion, attitude, thoughts, and patterns of behavior. In this sense, the role of happiness enhancement programs, just as the personality development programs, are most appreciated by me. We are all diverse people, endowed with different traits, and this is what makes the world such an interesting place.While some of my personality traits are inherent, others have developed in me over time due to my upbringing and socialization process. Conclusion: Happiness is a state of being that every human being wishes to enjoy and there are several aspects of life which contribute to the happiness of different people. Among all these, the personality traits of an individual have greater relevance in the enjoyment of happiness... We all possess singular points of view and act accordingly.One needs to work as part of a team in order to achieve tasks where the collaboration and cooperation of others is required. My Personality Traits al Affiliation The current paper aims to present relevant facets of one’s personality traits, particularly one’s strengths as well as one’s weaknesses. The TAT is a popular projective technique which has been put to many uses.One believes that an accurate assessment of one’s personality should include both strengths and weaknesses to enable one to capitalize on the strengths and aim to address the weaknesses. For instance, it is used to assess employment aspirants for stressful jobs or jobs that may require skillful... which aim at the development of happiness has a great value n my life.The family and religious background, schooling and peers have in one way or another contributed to some of the personality......THE THEMATIC APPERCEPTION TEST A. My personal motto has always been to look at life from the bright side, and I believe my main personal characteristics portray this ability perfectly.The first day of my campus experience turned out to be much less scary for me than for my friends, because I have always been confident in my communication skills that help me speak a common language with people of diverse backgrounds,......The Various Personality Traits The test portrays the various personality traits such as conscientiousness, agreeableness, and the extraversion within a workplace setting and how this these tend to affect a person’s career.Individuals have different personality traits that make up our behavioral characteristics, which may include how we think or react. For example, I have a mannerism of always chewing my tongue ever since I was a child, which I am usually unaware of doing except when my friends and family notices it and mentions it to me.My son does the same thing of chewing his tongue when he was between the age of two and three.


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