American Revolution Essay Topics

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Huson received a Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching in 2011.

The American Revolution brought about a dramatic change in the existing social order by establishing a new form of government based on the ideals espoused by the philosophers of the Enlightenment.

England’s passage of a Sugar Tax in 1764 and the Stamp Act in 1765 to pay for British troops stationed in the colonies infuriated the patriots, who wanted representation in Parliament before new taxes were imposed.

The refusal of colonists to buy British goods led patriots to dump tea into Boston harbor to punctuate their boycott.

Battle of Long Island - Battle of Long Island term papers examine the battle that took place between the American Continental Army under George Washington and the British.

Battle of Trenton - Battle of Trenton essays on the brilliant surprise attack by the Continental Army, led by George Washington, which resulted in a stunning and psychologically boosting American victory.

She has more than 25 years of teaching experience, and has written educational materials for Colonial Williamsburg.

She has also worked in consultation with the California Department of Education.

The success of the colonists in defeating the British troops there in 1777 is one such event.

Benedict Arnold led colonial forces against a slow-moving and heavily armed British army, and Britain's missteps at Saratoga are a possible research topic.


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