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Minuteman Press; 2010: 148 – 153The AMA guidelines differ depending on the source, there are plenty of free resources, pdfs and powerpoints available online to help you with AMA citation styles.

Previously it was mentioned that all in-text AMA citations must be supported by a corresponding citation reference page that uses identical citations and is listed in numerical order of occurrence.

Every single source, quote or reference used must include AMA style in text citation.

This includes anything found in text, on tables, figures or statistics cited in consecutive numerical order, with the relevant corresponding superscript numbers.

However, that is not to say that it can’t be incorporated into regular academia.

Whenever a person writing a paper uses source material, or direct quotes, from a piece of text that they did not originally write – that work must be properly cited in order to give the proper credit to the originating material.When citing direct quotes, it is necessary to use quotation marks.Example: “Medicine is my lawful wife, and literature is my mistress.The Referring to the above-mentioned tips and guidelines, below is an example of what a properly formatted reference list will look like at the end of an academic paper.Reference List (The title is always center aligned and in bold font)AMA style of citation is most commonly found in the medical community, when citing works in journals, articles, research or lab papers and textbooks.In which case, here is an example of how to include page numbers in in-text citation that you can use for reference purposes.Example of how to use page numbers: The reported that nearly eight in ten sports related concussions resulted in long term memory loss.You might even see examples of AMA citation style in a textbook!As an example, the following citation references were taken directly from the Each source should be cited in numerical order, using Arabic numbers. A copy of the Manual is available on Level 3 of the Central Library R119 .A53 2007 When you refer to another person’s ideas or information you must acknowledge the source using a superscript number (above the line) placed after a direct quote or paraphrase.


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