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Have you ever considered options beyond the traditional report?Check out what four different teachers did to dabble with research writing in their classrooms.NOTE: Not only did Kristi target content area and writing standards with this research writing assignment, but she also integrated technology standards with seven-year-olds!

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A significant genre in the humanities is the anthology, collections of poems, stories, essays, artwork, etc, selected, researched, and annotated by an editor.

Students can take on this role of editor, acting as curator and commentator as they establish a sense of authority and ownership over the material (Chick, 2002).

In this way, assigning posters may feel inauthentic; however, the genre’s attention to sharing content in a concise, visual, and public format can be adapted to more closely reflect the meaning-making in the humanities.

In fact, given many humanities disciplines’ appreciation of form reflecting content, the poster can make visible specific rhetorical moves, encouraging students to think not only about their ideas but also how they form their ideas.

Each second grader researched a famous American from a teacher-provided list of 150 possibilities.

(Download list.) After learning about their subjects, the students then prepared a written report to be delivered orally and from a first-person point of view.President Emeritus of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, has written of the importance of engaging with our teaching as we do our research–as “‘community property”: “We close the classroom doors and experience pedagogical solitude, whereas in our life as scholars, we are members of active communities: communities of conversation, communities of evaluation, communities in which we gather with others in our invisible colleges to exchange our findings, our methods, and our excuses” (2004, p. What if we asked our students to do the same with their learning–as fellow citizens of the university, emerging scholars and researchers and producers of their own knowledge?In this model of making learning community property, the audience for student learning extends beyond the instructor and often even classmates–reaching out to a larger community that remains authentic to disciplinary and learning goals.There are, however, alternative assignments in which students can rigorously but creatively perform their understandings in summative projects to be rigorously It involves two parts: first, students draw an image of a single metaphor they use to make sense of a concept, text, or unit (or several), and then–more importantly–they explicate their drawing. Ultimately, metaphor maps are less about the drawing and more about how students synthesize and unify complex, multidimensional thinking around a single metaphor–and how clearly and effectively they explain these ideas.This strategy stretches them beyond the typical modes of learning and challenges them to organize their thoughts in a new way.This consequently requires you to teach students skills on how to conduct research, identify credible sources, collect and organize relevant information, paraphrase passages (rather than plagiarize), and format citations accurately. After doing all this initial work, students are finally ready to draft, revise, and edit.Throw in the some time spent on publishing the end product (and time spent making new mistakes that require additional editing), and this project could go on and on.Wilbur Wright Elementary (New Castle, IN) first grade teacher Kristi Dixon had her class study the arctic continent: its culture, people, animals, climate, land, etc.As a class they generated an alphabetical list of 26 things they learned.The research paper/project can be a daunting task for students and teachers.The nature of research reports is to have students write about something they initially know little or nothing about.


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