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As a closely related subspecies of adventure travels, event trips involve various kinds of touristic travels that aim at particular activities as an important part of the travel, which don't necessary fulfil the criteria of being proper adventures.

Activities comprised under the term "event trips" range from international sports events (i.e.

After arriving and spending the night in an ominous, pink-hued Soviet hotel, my travel partner – the incredibly talented journalist Sophy Roberts – and I spent the morning gathering supplies before setting off on an 11-hour drive into the depths of Siberia.

That night we reached the ‘Land of Hope Reindeer Camp’, a remote refuge in an otherwise frost-bitten desert. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT OUR 15-DAY REINDEER EXPEDITION I’d come all this way to meet the isolated Nenet tribe, Russia’s last nomadic reindeer herders, as part of a new expedition experience created by Intrepid Travel.

Ethno tourism refers to visiting a foreign location for the sake of observing the indigenous members of its society for the sake of non-scientific gain.

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Some extreme forms of this include attempting to make first contact with tribes that are protected from outside visitors.Two controversial issues associated with ethno tourism include bringing natives into contact with diseases they do not have immunities for, and the possible degradation or destruction of a unique culture and/or language.Jungle tourism is a rising subcategory of adventure travel defined by active multifaceted physical means of travel in the jungle regions of the earth.The behavior can be a nuisance if it hinders rescue, relief, and recovery operations.If not done because of pure curiosity, it can be cataloged as disaster learning.Overland companies provide a converted truck or a bus plus a tour leader, and the group travels together overland for a period of weeks or months.Since the 1960s overlanding has been a popular means of travel between destinations across Africa, Europe, Asia (particularly India), the Americas and Australia.Although similar in many respects to adventure travel, jungle tourism pertains specifically to the context of region, culture and activity.According to the Glossary of Tourism Terms, jungle tours have become a major component of green tourism in tropical destinations and are a relatively recent phenomenon of Western international tourism.Our Trekols – 4×4 amphibious vehicles – battle the winds as we begin our 11-hour journey to the Yamal Peninsula.Our home for four nights was a traditional ‘chum’; a tent or tepee wrapped in reindeer hides, equipped with beds and a fireplace.


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