Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pets Essay

Animals require care whether rain or shine, hot or cold. Animals become sick and spread diseases as well, and zookeepers work in close quarters with them. In June 2013, a tiger killed a 24-year old zookeeper at a wildlife preserve in the United Kingdom, one of several mauling incidents in zoos.Night, weekend and holiday work are also common, because animals don’t take the day off, and many zoos are open year-round and into the evening. Neil Kokemuller has been an active business, finance and education writer and content media website developer since 2007.

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But still, large families can teach us important lessons.

There are compromises and the necessary patience which one endures while living in a joint family.

As new babies take birth, they are happily welcomed, as elders get more fragile, responsibilities are shared, between swapping of jokes and pictures, they always have each other’s backs in need of support.

The bottom line is that they are always there for each other, to depend upon, to count on for. Jealousy might creep in, there are more arguments as there are a lot of people and everyone would have a different point of view and there is less privacy.

The financial stress and emotional pressure are reduced as fewer kids result in more controllable impact on the budget making both ends to meet easily.

Having one or two children to look after allows mothers to pay more attention to the welfare of their children.He holds a Master of Business Administration from Iowa State University.Holidays bring about a fair amount of preparations for not only our existing families but for our extended families too.The only child in a small family, devoid of Parents with a small family get additional time to devote to leisure or work.The only child in a small family, devoid of a sibling relationship, would never learn how to share.Celebrations in large families are often warm, lively affairs compared to the small families which host small, intimate gatherings shared only with parents and siblings.Large, boisterous families can be seen as a built-in nest.If you like animals and feel pride in caring for them, a job as a zookeeper offers as much direct animal interaction as any career.You feed, bathe and play with animals on a daily basis.Not only the financial resources but the parental affection and attention are shared.On the other hand, children in small families get more attention from their parents.


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