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To achieve this, the magnitude and incidence rate of the condition requires robust evidence.This study is taking secondary data from the Vietnam Veterans National Readjustment Survey (NVVRS) and developing the analysis further.If ASD continues for more than 30 days, doctors can modify their original diagnoses and identify the presence of PTSD.

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Surely the term had been around long before them, but it wasn’t commonly used acronym in the military.

I didn’t have nearly the frequent use that is has in today’s Army.

They also concluded that the experience of additional high-stress situations in the aftermath of a traumatic event can increase the impact of post-traumatic stress enough to push a person over the line into diagnosable delayed PTSD.

The experience of additional high-stress situations can also potentially worsen the severity of symptoms found in people who receive a delayed PTSD diagnosis.

Nowadays, everything a Soldier does is associated with PTSD even if the Soldier has not been diagnosed with it; it has become such a ill-used word that from what I can see everyone is try to jump on the band wagon....

[tags: Post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD] - The intention of this study is to validate the issue of PTSD which some have attempted to discredit as a medical condition.

In addition, he or she must mentally/emotionally relive that event, make ongoing efforts to avoid reminders of that event, experience heavily negative changes in thought processes or emotional status, and develop signs of an unusually heightened sensitivity to changes in his or her local environment.

The symptoms of PTSD must continue for over 30 days and must meaningfully damage an individual’s ability to function in public or in his or her private life.

Delayed PTSD is also known as delayed-onset PTSD or PTSD with delayed expression.

Doctors can officially identify this subtype of post-traumatic stress disorder in people who meet the criteria for a PTSD diagnosis only half a year or longer following a traumatic event.


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