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There are no dogmas, no monopolies, no compulsory paths.

There are no dogmas, no monopolies, no compulsory paths.

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It is Krishna speaking, symbol of the spiritual Self. Some can realize themselves through dance, others through meditation, some through work and immersing themselves in society, others through the contemplation of beauty, some in scientific research and philosophy, others through prayer.

This too was a notion dear to Assagioli: the ways to our true Self (or transpersonal Self, as he liked to call it) are many.

Assagioli's Seven Core Concepts for Psychosynthesis training.

For information on psychosynthesis activities and publications in the U.

It is a renewed will: nothing to do with victorian willpower or authoritarianism, but will as mastery of oneself and the capacity to act in the world rather than be victim of circumstance – the common complaint of all neurotics.

Perhaps the most striking theme of psychosynthesis is the superconscious: the origin of our best intuitions, the most beautiful moments of our life, our higher sentiments such as joy, peace, unconditional love, and our creative ideas. For me, mud is alive and fertile, intimately connected with the flower. You had strange dreams that were beautiful and intense, and sudden inner transformations, weird coincidences, sensations and feelings previously unknown. He had written for Prezzolini's authoritative journal La Voce, had been a friend of Jung, and Freud himself regarded him as the representative of Psychoanalysis in Italy – not surprisingly, as he was the first to translate and publish psychoanalytic work into Italian. Most important of all, he had founded psychosynthesis, a school of psychology with vastly stimulating ideas for people concerned with personal transformation. He had rubbed elbows with people like Martin Buber and Rabindranath Tagore, D. Just before Assagioli died, a strange coincidence occurred. By chance I met a man who told me he knew Assagioli. He had gone to his place, where Assagioli had him sit for a few minutes in a small waiting room. On the other hand, if our relations with others are serene and harmonious, we will feel better. He spoke of a Way of beauty, which leads to the realisation of the Self, and whose basic ingredient is the sense of revelation and fullness that beauty can offer. Love, kindness, serenity, openness, and other interpersonal qualities can be cultivated. After about a year of working with Assagioli, I thought I understood that the techniques of psychosysnthesis were not so important, and that what really counted was the relation between therapist or counselor and client, the alchemy that happens between these two people. I was wondering how long it would take you." Assagioli was also one of the first to regard beauty as a basic human experience. But in psychosynthesis beauty in all its forms is considered worthy of attention, because it is formative. Assagioli always gave much importance to relations between people. Growing Whole: Self-Realization for the Great Turning. Our balance and well-being depend on the nature of our relationships with others: We carry in us unresolved conflicts, resentments, bad memories. This division between lower and higher is sometimes unjustly seen as an attempt to smuggle into psychology a subtle moralising attitude. , the spirit is a beautiful flower, but instincts, sexuality, the body, are the mud." One-nill to me, I thought. A label gave the translation: "As people come to me, so do I receive them". It is a verse from the Bhagavad Gita, the sacred Indian text. I had spent some time at Esalen Institute, epicentre of all the research and activity on these themes. When I returned to Italy, I wrote to him, then went to visit him. There, I had heard talk of the Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli as an important figure in this field: "What! The night before, although I had never seen him in person nor in photograph yet, I dreamt him: a thin, smiling elderly man, with white beard, and the air of a wise rabbi.


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