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You should be able to write a paper in your own words, or most of it in your own words and give credit to whatever isn’t yours.

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The sanction that was placed on the student is fair to me because she had other choices besides cheating.

She could have gotten help from the professor or someone else. But she did not do that, so she got a failing grade for the test and also the class.

They will trust you when you know that you believe to do the right thing and that your actions are consistent with this belief.

Second, having academic sincerity is important as it brings value to your degree.

Some ways the students violate academic integrity is when they cheat.

They look at someone else’s paper, or copy their work when they didn’t do it themselves.

The office (nd) of the student's rights and responsibilities of the University of Missouri said, "Academic honesty acts on the core values ​​and principles of university mission, integrity, honesty, effort, and personal and professional principles I am determined to change to the next generation.

" Academic honesty is regarded as an act of maintaining honesty and appropriate behavior in the academic environment, avoiding, preventing, and providing disciplinary action.

Both Alyssa and Miguel are at equal fault because she let him cheat, and instead of…

The importance of academic integrity Scholarly completeness is always a major concern for many universities around the world.


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