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If he is getting the hang of it the thrower could stand in line with the 18 yard box and repeat this method so that the striker can improve his heading accuracy by being further away from the goal. Conclusion He should constantly be on the move when in position for a corner so his marker won't be able to keep up with him as the marker has to watch the ball and the striker at the same time which is very difficult which gives the striker an advantage.When the corner has been taken the striker should then anticipate where the ball will arrive and depending on how high or low the ball is coming in at he should position himself so that he will be able to make good contact with the ball.

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I will need to be able to do this, as I will be defending the ball from the keeper; as well as dodging the goalkeeper, to get free.

This will enable me to receive the ball; I will need to be able to move my body into the right positions so I am able to shoot accurately and in one complete action. Middle I was feeling pain in my arms; biceps, triceps and in my pectorals.

Sport and Position: Netball Goal Shooter Health related Components: Agility, Balance, Co-ordination, Flexibility, Power, Reaction Time, Speed, and Stamina.

Agility: the ability to change directions of the body at speed, in one complete action.

Secondly, I would change one of the factors that I am training. I need power for when I am passing the ball to players within my team, as well as when I am shooting.

I would not train Flexibility again, as I was unable to improve it, and show that it is a factor that you are able to improve and measure easily. I need to know how much power to put into my shot to score.

Week 1 In the first week of this action plan the striker should first do some basic heading drills before trying to do more advance heading skills.

The drills involve jumping headers which are basically jumping for the ball in the air as if you were going up in the air for a challenge, punch headers which are just fast bullet headers which involves a lot of power and acceleration in the neck.

Evaluation: * Warm up: 5 minutes cardio vascular on the bike Mobilising joints and fully stretching * Main Work out: I will be using the following machines and will start at the weights stated below, but as I progress through the weeks, I will increase the weights as and when I feel comfortable.

* 5 minutes on the stepping machine on level six to start.


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