A Worn Path Essay

The journey that the protagonist of the tale undertakes has often been compared to a religious pilgrimage (Saunders).This enables the narrator to provide the perspective of somebody who is chronicling an event. This is significant, since this enables the reader and the narrator to maintain a distance from the events that are happening in the story.

The tone, even though it emphasizes the grit of the old lady, gives one the sense of tiredness.

This fits in well with the theme of the story, where the Phoenix trudges on despite weariness.

The perspective is another extremely important facet of the short story in general and A Worn Path is no exception to this rule.

The story is narrated by a third-person omniscient narrator who is responsible for the adoption of the sardonic tone that is taken throughout the story.

The story also underscores the love that the woman has for her grandson and the extent to which she is willing to go, for his sake.

The weary but sardonic tone that the tale takes complements this theme fully.The tone that Welty adopts as the narrator thus enables the effective narration of the story and its events.The narrator’s account of events does not give a lot of significance to the actions of the hunter and this results in the undermining of the stature that the hunter assigns to himself.Full A Worn Path is a short story about an old woman who travels far, on foot, only to get some medicine for his grandson.Although the travel may not be a trouble for most people, for the old woman during her age, it was a great task, as evidenced by what she goes through along the way.The essential critical view I thus maintained and the readers are not invited to assume a version of the reality that serves no purpose but to effect a catharsis that arises out of pity for the old black woman.The perspective that the narrator takes makes it amply clear that what the protagonist ...?Consequently, it is a story using outright description of characters and situations to print a clear picture to the mind......?Characterization in A Worm Path Compassion, tribulations, and wit often happen to be the essential components of Eudora Welty’s stories that demand being overcome.(Background) One prominent theme in the story is the perseverance of Old Phoenix in crossing so many hurdles on her way to the town hospital. In her expedition from Mississippi to the town, she undergoes various life-threatening events some attributed to old age while other circumstantial.Adding to the dramatic effect of this journey is her very old age (possibly in her eighties or nineties). The story is a life reflective and heart braking drama attracting the attention of many readers who keep wondering and sympathizing with the problems people underwent in order to get a service.


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