A Doll House Essay

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Even if the play setup is in a living room, the public eye is portrayed through the curtains.

In within the play, ‘A Doll’s House’, the characters spend a lot of time discussing their wealth.

When he said to her “watching you swing and dance the tarantella makes my blood rush” (Ibsen 125), this clearly shows that he is more interested in her physically than emotionally.

Then when asked him to stop he said to her, “am I not your husband?

During her era, women were not expected to be self-reliant but were to remain supportive to their husbands, take care of the kids, cook, clean, and make everything perfect around the house.

When Nora took a loan to pay for her husband’s medical bill, this raised a lot of questions and problems in the minds of many individuals from the community, as it was taken as act against the community norms for women to take up a loan without their husbands’ knowledge.

(Johnston 570) Men in this play are trapped by general traditional gender responsibilities.

They are seen as the chief providers of the family and they should be in charge of supporting the entire household.

(Johnston 603) It’s ironic when Torvald says that he pretends Nora is in some kind of trouble, and he waits the time he can rescue her.

When the truth is known and Torvald has been given a chance to save Nora, he is all concerned with his reputation (Ibsen 128).


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