6 Types Of Expository Essays

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Made possible by a new tax levy, the bike trails are expected to help the city reach its sustainability and clean air goals while reducing traffic and congestion.

Eighteen trailheads with restrooms and picnic areas have been planned at a variety of access points.

If you haven’t experienced the Happyville Bike Trail yet, ditch your car and head outside! A number of statements in this paragraph are opinion rather than fact: that the bike trail is a glittering gem, that the facilities are clean and convenient, and that life in Happyville is idyllic.

Clearly, the author’s aim here is to use these depictions to persuade readers to use the bike trail.

The reader a how to manual on how to create something, accomplish something, write something, learn something.

Most of us have things we have focused the majority of our mental attention on, be it the art of writing a memoir, to mastering the latest Zelda game!

Persuasive writing can be found in: Advertising Opinion and editorial pieces Reviews Job applications The bike trail is the glittering gem of Happyville’s new infrastructure.

It winds through sixty-two miles of lush landscape, dotted by clean and convenient facilities.

The purpose of narrative writing is to tell a story, whether that story is real or imaginary.

Pieces in a narrative style will have characters, and through the narrative, the reader learns what happens to them. Narrative writing can be found in: All types of fiction (e.g., novels, short stories, novellas) Poetry Biographies Human interest stories Anecdotes As I cycled down the trail, I heard children giggling and whooping just around the bend.


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