5th Grade Math Problem Solving

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Consider going over all of the problems on the board and showing students how to solve them.Alternatively, break students up into groups—either three or six groups, depending on how many students you have.

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Each set of problems is available for downloading as a PDF file.  SEE MORE There are numerous approaches to solving math problems.

Besides the Model-Drawing Approach there are several other strategies, which are necessary for the student to master, to achieve proficiency in math problem solving.  SEE MORE Many problems are multi step and require some type of systematic approach.

Fifth-grade word problems include multiplication, division, fractions, averages, and a variety of other math concepts. 1 and 3 provide free worksheets students can use to practice and hone their skills with word problems. 2 and 4 provide the corresponding answer keys to those worksheets for ease of grading.

This worksheet provides a nice mix of problems, including questions that require students to exhibit their skills in multiplication, division, working with dollar amounts, creative reasoning, and finding the average.

Nevertheless, since this is what the problem specifies, explain to students that they should first define what they know and what they want to determine: Then they should cross multiply.

To do this, take the first fraction's numerator (top number) and multiply it by the second fraction's denominator (bottom number).There are also problems that require students to interpret remainders.  SEE MORE This site is for the specific purpose of preparing Middle School students for open-ended problem solving on standardized tests.Each month's problems are divided into the five strands of math standards.A video is available through this link.  SEE MORE Are you stuck on a math problem? You'll find hundreds of instant-answer, self-help, math solvers, ready to provide you with instant help on your math problem.  SEE MORE This is an activity designed to help students become more reflective in problem solving.Students begin by reading a math problem and thinking about how they might try to solve it.Help your fifth-grade students see that word problems don't have to be daunting by going over at least one problem with them.The brother would have to be Superman to mow six lawns an hour.Then take the second fraction's numerator and multiply it by the first fraction's denominator, as follows: This worksheet provides the solutions to the problems students worked in the printable from slide No. If you see that students are struggling after they turn in their work, show them how to work a problem or two.If students are still struggling to come up with the right answers, it's time for a few different strategies. Visit the full math index to find them all, sorted by topic.A resource for the teacher to use in planning lessons.


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