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Even if my plans do change, I will always have goals for myself.With hard work and determination I plan to accomplish my goals, whatever they may be, and live up to my full potential.

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I chose to include all the things that affect my life: Family, Health, Financial, Personal Development, Faith Life, Job, Writing, Coaching, Fun, Responsibilities, etc. Don’t get caught up in thinking — especially not over-thinking! The best way to begin is to do a basic “SWOT” (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis. But my tasks number in the thousands on an annual basis.

I like doing an all-inclusive approach, because our personal lives affect our professional lives, as well as our personal ambitions. I’ve listed my strengths at the bottom of this article, but I did all four (just chose not to list all of them for the purpose of time). Each week, I’m taking measured steps to achieve the goals I have listed in my plan.

Determination is not a teachable skill, but it has to take place to accomplish goals in life.

I am not sure if this is the way I want my life to be. What I plan to do now might not be what I want to do in a few years.

I prefer working offshore because it gives me challenge to work over there plus they will pay me higher than work in the office. After I work for 4 or 5 years, i will have a lot of money by that time, i will quit my job and start a business.

I will buy 3 or 4 shops and run my shops and have another business such as futsal court or restaurant and anything that have a good prospect. But now I have grown up, now I know what I want to be. I want to be the staff manager or manager at least. When I was a kid my dream is to be a pilot, and as the time goes by, I have other dreams, sometimes, I want to be a president, an army, doctor and other interesting dreams. After I graduate, I want to work in one of the biggest oil company such as Chevron, Petronas, Exxon, etc.Students of mine (2x)Every morning you greet Smart & strong, Young & Bright, You look happy to meet me, Blossoms of Malaysia May you bloom & grow Bloom & grow forever Students of mine (2x)Bless Malaysia forever...- Ms Ng Young Kiang (Ms.Two weeks ago, I wrote this article here: The Most Valuable Strategy to Apply to Anything You Do.The two most important are to be happy and successful.I want to be happy because even if I become rich or famous, if I am not happy in life nothing else would matter. After I start working for a few years, I plan to settle down, get married, and have children.I have every confidence and faith the same is possible for you. As Sean Connery’s character, William Forrester, says in the movie your strengths. But the core of my professional experience has been as a business consultant and program manager. No problem, but it’s time to start working on that dream. Trust me, there’s a method to my madness…If you’re looking to make a career transition or to pursue something you really want, then you’re going to need to list out your transferable skills. If you can do this yourself, wonderful, if not, then ask one of the 3–4 trusted advisors the following: What skills do I have that can transfer over to what I really want to do? As I wrote last week: What I recommend you do once you have populated your plan is to manage it in a productivity management tool with tasks. You can choose to make this plan as inclusive or focused as you want. You also need to know what opportunities you have in front of you, so you can always be on the look out, and things that threaten your time, productivity and more. It’s possible you’ve been grinding on the side for several years, volunteering at an art museum while becoming an expert in all genres of art. You’ll see below that I have nine things listed per my High-level and Ground-level plan. I hope you will build your life on a values structure that is true to who you are. The things that you love likely dominate your subconscious thoughts and maybe even your conscious thoughts. Then, determine how much you know about these things, and which of these things you have legitimate skills, knowledge and experience in. The prime example of this is, I want to be a successful author. So, I’m extremely close to that dream becoming a reality. I chose to break mine out by High-Level and Ground-Level view. These values, along with this plan, have given me the clarity and direction I need to achieve anything I set my mind to in life. My dream is also to be an entrepreneur who writes for a living and coaches business clients. You may want to be the curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art someday, but perhaps your professional experience or education is in marketing. Since this is a five-year plan, it’s obviously going to have some big picture plans, in addition to plans very focused on achieving by the week or month.


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