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Your details will be checked, and your examination carried out by a Radiographer who has specialised in breast work or more commonly called a Mammographer. It is recommended that you wear a loose, comfortable, two part outfit.

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Some women find the examination uncomfortable, for those that do, the discomfort passes quickly.

Every effort will be made by the Mammographer to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during the examination.

Please check with your insurance company prior to your appointment to make sure it is covered.

3D breast tomosynthesis is a type of procedure used specifically to image breast tissue.

Excessive exposure to radiation carries a slight risk of causing cancer.

Standard mammography and Tomosynthesis mammography both involve the use of radiation to produce images.

Tomosynthesis mammography is also known as 3D mammography. The test involves taking several X-rays of each breast from various angles to create a detailed 3D image.

Studies have shown that Tomosynthesis finds invasive cancers at a 40% higher rate than regular mammograms.

After your procedure, a technologist converts the X-ray images into a three-dimensional image of your breast.

Once the image is complete, a radiologist will analyze and interpret the image and send a detailed report to your Primary Care provider and/or OB/GYN.


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