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Calculated using APA format (Font: Arial or Times New Roman, 12 pt. How many words over or under can this be, or am I expected to get that exact amount :/ I know this probably varies but if you know what it would be at your uni that would be helpful. Some universities are very strict about word limits, so you might want to check your course handbook, just to be on the safe side.

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This is especially useful since most online writing services will require this information when you are ordering a paper, thesis, dissertation, or professional writing service.

This easy to use tool works by taking the number of words you need for your work, the type of font you prefer, the font size, and the required spacing and calculating the number of pages needed for your paper.

However, for various reasons, the length of your paper matters too.

A considerable number of tutors will give an assignment with instructions on the number of words required.

Unless your essay is blatantly too short or too long (i.e.

10 pages for a 3000-word essay or 8 pages for a 6000-word essay, or something like that chances of someone actually counting the words in your essay are rather slim, though, so you'd probably get away with an extra paragraph.

On my course they say that for a 2,000 word essay you should aim to write a minimum of 1,800.

If you write less than that they will only mark the essay if you show definite signs of achieving a pass mark.

Actually, we don't have bounded word limits as our supervisors tend to set the questions on their own inspiration, and don't seem that anxious to suggest any particular length (though it has generally been around 2,500).

2,500 words sounds a suitable length, though I suppose it depends what subject you're reading for...


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