1984 Essays On Power

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As a result, the author conveys that the control a powerful government can have over thoughts and behaviors can be nightmarish if the government abuses it.Along with thought control, Orwell implies that language can be used effectively to oppress citizens.This statement in itself illustrates the motive of…

By living a regulated life, Winston’s every movement and thoughts are watched by a thought police.

One must remain orthodox so they are not “vaporized.” The reader eventually learns that orthodoxy “means not thinking” and “unconsciousness” (53).

Moreover, in able to practice “doublethink” one must have a “controlled insanity” (216).

Orwell observes that one has to be mental in order to believe that “two and two make five” and “freedom is slavery” because the reader immediately recognizes that is illogical (277).

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Orwell explains many issues prominent throughout the book in which his main characters attempt to overcome.

He shows how surveillance can easily corrupt those in control and how those in control become corrupt by the amount of power.

A new language is being formed, by the name of Newspeak, in the novel.

We learn from one of Winston’s coworkers that “the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought” (52).


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